Laser Carbon Facial


What is a Laser Carbon Facial?

It is one of the most advanced treatments for minor skin imperfections and promotes a smooth and glowing complexion as well as completely and gently resurfacing the skin.

A natural carbon paste is applied to a cleansed face, then a laser light beam is aimed at the carbon. Thje laser gently shatters the carbon paste from the surface of the skin and from deep within the pores. This in turn destroys toxins and dirt clogged in the pores.  This state of the art laser treatment helps refine enlarged pores, reduces oil secretion and helps remove blackheads and whiteheads. The treatment stimulates the face to produce more collagen which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is plumper, softer and fresher. Results are immediate after treatment with no down time. Some clients may experience slight reddening of the skin which lasts no loner than an hour!


For maximum results a course of 4 treatments is recommended spaced two weeks apart.

£55.00 per session or just £50.00 per session for a course of four treatments. (Keep a look out on social media for our laser carbon facial special offers) 

Here's what the Daily Mail had to say....



How to get skin like an A-lister: FEMAIL puts the £200 Hollywood peel loved by Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian to the test... with impressive results

  • Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian have tried the peel

  • Laser and carbon treatment is said to stimulate collagen and combat acne

  • Femail writer noticed smoother, more blemish-free skin after five peels 

Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian are always snapped with perfect skin on the red carpet - and their favourite facial treatment could have something to do with it.

The so-called Hollywood Peel - official name Carbon Laser Facial - is said to stimulate collagen production, combat acne and even out skin tone. 

Advocates swear that it tightens pores, reduces scars and pigmentation and significantly reduces wrinkles, leaving your face plumped and glowing.

However with prices starting at £200 (OURS ARE JUST £45!!) a session, is it worth the money, and can it create a real difference for troublesome skin? FEMAIL writer Deni Kirkova puts it to the test...

"The Carbon Laser Facial is a leading anti-ageing treatment in LA due to its instant results, zero post-treatment downtime and celebrity fan base.


It uses no harsh formulas or abrasive scrubbing tools which means no bleeding, adverse chemical reactions or recovery time; yet promises the instant effects one would expect from a professional face peel. 

A single session is £200 for the face, and £250 for the face and neck.  (OURS ARE JUST £45!!) It is said to be able to treat active acne, acne scars, large pores, pigmentation and age spots. 

The treatment begins as the therapist attaches eye protectors before applying a carbon mask - carbon powder and water mix - using a cotton pad. 

As the laser is passed over the skin in, it emits pulses which heat the thin layers of collagen and skin tissue.

The carbon mask also absorbs heat, passing it on to the underlying skin, and the solution 'tricks' the laser into thinking it is attacking pigment.

The laser is then passed over the skin again – this time in Q-switch mode – which has a light exfoliating effect. 

The second laser is much louder than the first and can be quite shocking at first. It makes a loud snapping sound as the carbon is snapped off the skin completely. Increasing the laser frequency causes the carbon mask solution to vaporise. You could even see the smoke coming off the skin, which is the carbon evaporating as well as a thin surface layer of skin! However thankfully I couldn't really feel it. This superficial peeling removes excessive sebum, exfoliates the upper layer of skin and unplugs pores. 

For the final pass the speed of the laser is turned up to take off all of the remaining carbon. The particles penetrate the pores and explode as they absorb laser energy, thus stimulating collagen production and causing the inner walls of the pores to shrink.

The light exfoliation effect is immediate and as soon as the treatment was over my skin felt squeaky clean with pores cleared and minimised.

There was none of the delayed peeling as seen with chemical treatments. Also the treatment stimulates collagen production, improving the elasticity of the skin. My face was noticeably smoother afterwards.


Skin Enhancements



We have collaborated with the Cheshire Image Clinic to provide you with a fully qualified RGN NIP Aethetics Nurse for any assistance with anti wrinkle injections and fillers. With over 20 years experience in the business, you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Our clients are continually thrilled with the results


Price on application only

ACNE THERAPY £80.00 per session 10% discounts available on 2+ treatments


VASCULAR THERAPY £80.00 per session 10% discounts available on 2+ treatments


WRINKLE TREATMENTS – FACE ONLY £80.00 per session 10% discounts available on 2+ treatments


PIGMENTATION TREATMENTS £80.00 per session 10% discounts available on 2+ treatments

Please note that the number of sessions for skin enhancements will depend on your skin type and severity of the condition. Treatments are spaced 4 weeks apart.